I know for most, summer ended after Labor Day weekend and when kids went back to school. But today is the official last day of the Summer Season.  With few hours left till we wake up to Autumn, here we are catching up to update you on what's happening.  Our days might sound monotonous with (almost) the same things happening everyday but it's a daily routine that we tackle each and every day.  

Thankful for hurricane Jose not coming too close to our island and sparing us from any damages that it might have caused.  Although It was a bit of a challenge harvesting during the wind and rain, we were able to do it.  It did put us a little bit behind on our last plantings and seedlings.  We tried to hold off every time the forecast says rain is coming as we are afraid that the seeds will get washed off or the transplants will just drown.  And waiting it out till the rain stopped just meant that the field is too wet for our tractor to go in to help us with planting and doing it manually will just sink us in to mud.  

On a good note, even if the unofficial end of summer came, this is the best time of the year when we start seeing the fall produce come and still have the summer produce available. 

September is National Organic Harvest Month

Let's celebrate!  Going organic is a choice.  And if you are eating organic food and supporting organic agriculture, you already made a good choice!  This is the best time to discover the benefits of going organic, be it for yourself, for your family or for the planet we live in.  "Organic. It's worth it!"