It's been a very busy couple of weeks since our last newsletter that we almost missed this month's issue!  We are almost halfway thru our CSA Program and the fresh produce we've been providing has transitioned from the leafy spring greens to summer veggies--- eggplants, peppers and of course tomatoes!
We all know that nothing that can compare from a fresh organic tomato grown in Long Island or from your own garden.  Vine-riped on the plant and harvested on it's peak.  Our tomatoes seemed to have taken a long time to be ready but it was worth the wait.  It's starting to come in and soon we'll have plenty.  Tomatoes are widely known for its anti-oxidant = and phyto-nutrient content, lycopene and vitamin C are just a few.  Whatever variety, size or color they may be, we recommend that you always go for Certified Organically grown tomatoes to benefit from all the nutrients that a tomato provides without the harmful chemicals.  Enjoy the season of Long Island organic tomatoes starting now, but don’t forget to enjoy it throughout the winter as well.  Get on our list for tomatoes by the case so you can preserve it in jars or your freezer.  You can be confident that you have the best organic tomatoes for your sauce, soups, stews, and casseroles come winter time.  Click here to order…

On other news, besides our very busy harvesting days, there's other farm work that needs to get done and checked upon.... our potato plants that were doing good changed its course.  We started digging the potatoes from the ground before we lose the rest of it.  
It seems that this year is not a good year for our cucumbers and watermelons as well.  We apologize if you have received a bitter cucumber.  There were some cucumbers from our previous harvest that tasted a little bitter.  Most of what we have tasted were good until the last batch, we have encountered a bitter one that could have been due to stress from the beetles.  Our current cucumber planting still has not produced any fruit. Also, we lost a lot of melon plants, either from the rain that flooded the field or from a disease. Also, we recently discovered that the crows started pecking some of the melon fruits.

We're also battling with one of nature's critters, the groundhog.  Besides the ones running all over the field making damages, some started getting in our greenhouse where our fall transplants are waiting to be planted.   We never thought that the groundhogs will be able to climb the benches and start munching on their own version of microgreens.  The first transplants that they did damaged on seems to be doing well out in the field now.  Our next transplants were recuperating inside the greenhouse when the critters came back to eat it again before we were able to plant it out in the field.  

There's still going to be a constant battle with the groundhogs, the beetles, and the weeds.  We're trying our best and so far we're still being able to provide our CSA members and market communities with fresh and nutritious vegetables that are in-season.

National Farmer's Market Week

August 6 to 12 was dubbed as National Farmer's Market week.  We love our farm friends at our participating Farmer's Markets, but if you can't get to our participating markets, you can always order online and pick up at our farm, so that you won't miss having our fresh certified organic vegetables during the week.   Click here to see what's available each week.  
If you have taken any photo of our veggies, please do share on Instagram or Facebook and tag us #ilovemyorganicfarmer @naturalearthfarms #nationalfarmersmarketweek

CSA Waitlist

If you are not part of our currently running CSA program, you can join our waitlist for the next season.  Our current CSA members are guaranteed a spot for next season, and once a spot becomes available we start contacting the next in line on our waitlist.  So get your name on the list! Click here

We also ran a 4 week Fall CSA Program that you can pick-up at our farm in Calverton.  Please sign-up if you are interested to join so we can contact you once we open the application for the  2017 Fall CSA Program. Click here...  


Be part of our Harvest Crew!  If you live locally from our Calverton Farm, contact us for an opportunity to be part of our team.  This is a part-time job that starts immediately and goes till November.  Send us your resume with contact information and availability at farmer@naturalearthfarmsny.com