We have different varieties of eggplants that comes in different colors.  The most common one we usually grow is the Black, Round Purple Sicilian, White, and Asian (long thin ones),

Eggplants are known to have a slight bitterness in taste. Our guide is the darker the color of the eggplant skin is the more stronger the taste is. The lightest is the mildest.  We also find that the Black eggplant has more seeds than the lighter colored ones.

Eggplant is a very good source of dietary fiber, vitamin B1 and copper.

Eggplant as we all know also goes by the name Aubergine in French,  Eggplant belongs to the nightshade family.

To store: put in a bag inside the drawer of your refrigerator.  Once cut, use and cook it all as it does not stay open.  Watch out for the thorns around the stems!