Feed Your Family. Support Us, Your Local Organic Farmer. 
Join our CSA on 2.23.18 #CSADAY !

What is a CSA?  CSA stands for “community-supported agriculture,” which is a direct-to-customer business model for us, your farmers.

How does a CSA work?  In the traditional CSA model, people pay for a season’s worth of produce (a membership), sometimes months in advance so we, your farmers, can get ready for the growing season. The CSA member then receives a box of produce every week throughout the harvesting season.  CSA members enjoy the convenience and quality of certified organic locally grown produce, while supporting us, your local organic farmer.

What is CSA Day?  According to Small Farm Central’s CSA Farming Annual Report, the most popular time to join a CSA each year is at the end of February. To promote this important time for us, your farmers, CSA Day was coined, and each year it falls on the last Friday in February. This year it is February 23. It’s an entire day dedicated to the celebration of community-supported agriculture, and CSA farmers like us enjoy an influx of sign-ups from members.

How do I get involved with CSA Day?  If you believe in the value of the work we, your local farmer does and would like to help our farm be successful, sign up for a CSA on February 23, and use the hashtag #CSAday and #naturalearthfarms .  

What do i get as a CSA Member?  You will have a direct relationship with us, your very own local organic farmer, a direct access to certified organic fresh produce straight from our farm, and a direct connection with your community.  It's a step towards a healthier you while supporting us, your local farm, directly.  It's an  investment for you and your family and a commitment to your community knowing where and how your food is grown, what is in season, and appreciate the quality, taste and nutrition of the produce that is truly grown here in Long Island where you live.   You can read more about our CSA Program here...

How do I join the CSA ? Sign-up online via our website.  www.naturalearthorganicfarms.com

During #CSADAY (2.23.18)  for every 10 sign-ups we receive, we will donate a CSA share to a local food pantry.  This would help not only feed your family but also feed those who are in need.    With your kind heart, your investment on February 23rd #CSADAY will not only benefit you and your family but also those who are in need.  So spread the word and JOIN OUR CSA!