We have started transplanting out in the field only to be graced with a couple of days of rain.  Rain is a good thing but it also made the field so soaked that we have to wait until our tractor can run thru without sinking in the middle of the field.

The rain held us back from field work but kept us busy for more greenhouse transplanting and seeding.  We transplanted tomatoes, peppers and eggplants in bigger cell trays and sowed a couple more seeds: zucchini, cucumbers, melons, more beets, tomatoes and a variety of greens.  There’s more to seed and plant in the next couple of days...

Our CSA membership is almost full but there’s a few more spots left in some of our pick-up sites.  So if you want to join our CSA program this season, now is the time.  Click here to sign-up
Please make sure that you received your CSA membership confirmation email.  Contact us if you did not get the email and for other questions.
If you have already joined, please make sure you send in your membership balance by the due date indicated in your confirmation email.   

Stay tuned for our invitation to this year's Meet the Farmer and Farm Tour event.  This is an exclusive event only for our CSA Members.  So we can meet you before the busy harvest and distribution starts.  You will be able to know who is growing your food, where it's coming from and how it's grown.

Did you know that most strokes are preventable?  Making sure that you have a normal blood pressure reduces the risk of a stroke.  Healthy life choices maintains a healthy living.  A healthy diet, healthy weight, physical activity, no smoking and limited alcohol helps prevent stroke. 
Eat a better diet with more fruits and vegetables, and less salt intake.  Watch the saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol and excess calories.  Be more active, at least 30 minutes a day of recommended activity helps, this includes simple walking.   
Go with fresh produce as much as possible.   Take advantage of the upcoming harvest season when you can get locally grown produce directly from us, your farmer.  Join our Organic Vegetable and Fruit Share Program or support us at our local participating Farmer's Markets where you can get the freshest organic produce grown here in Long Island. 



  • We are still accepting applications for Harvest Crew.  Do you live locally from our Calverton Farm? Would you like to be part of our team this season?  Contact us immediately!  Experience is not necessary but a plus!  This is a part-time job opportunity from June to November.  Send us your resume with contact information at farmer@naturalearthfarmsny.com
  • Watch out for our announcement on Facebook when you can start finding us at the local Farmer's Market this season.
  • We found some kale growing out in the field from last Fall, so we made ourselves some lunch.  Click here for recipe...