What’s happening …

Our work never stops during winter.  Once the last vegetable has been harvested and our fields have been seeded with winter cover crop for a healthy soil, we start planning for the next season.  This is the time when we apply the notes we’ve taken throughout the year on how to improve our farming operation for us to be able to provide our CSA members and supporters a great harvest for the next growing season.

Our organic certification renewal has been submitted, we have planned our crop rotation for the coming year.  Sourced and ordered our seeds, both favorites and also new exciting varieties. Servicing our tractors and equipment to be in top working order. Making all the necessary purchases to start the growing season. That is why our CSA members play a big role in supporting our farm at this time of the year. 

Most of our seed orders have arrived, the greenhouse is clean and organized.  We started preparing our seed growing mix and we are ready to start sowing the seeds for the new season.   

This is when the anticipations starts escalating, from seed germination, to transplanting, to growing, until we start picking the fruits of our labor for you to enjoy from our farm to your table.

“Put Your Best Fork Forward”

March is National Nutrition Month®  when it aims to remind us to focus on how important it is to make good choices in our eating and physical habits. This year’s theme is “Put Your Best Fork Forward”, a simple reminder that each bite counts.  Making small changes a forkful at a time is already a big step towards your good health.  Here are some tips:

1.     Make it a habit to prepare more home cook or homemade meals with healthier ingredients.  Pack that lunch or snack from home rather than eating out.  Include a variety of your favorite, healthful foods.  Try to go fresh and organic.

2.     Balance is key.  How much we eat is also important as what we eat.  Check out MyPlate to guide you.  Seek for advice and guidelines from a Registered dietitian nutritionist to manage your weight or lower your health risks.

3.     Be active.  Exercising is always hard to squeeze in our schedule but take a quick walk during your breaks, stretch while sitting by your desk.  Take the stairs if you can.  Always consult your medical provider before doing any strenuous physical activity.

Start that small change in your healthy lifestyle by joining our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  Eat more fresh, local and organic vegetables!  You will receive 20 weeks of fresh produce straight from our farm, grown and harvested by us. 

You will learn what is in season based on the weekly bounty that you will receive.  You know that it really is locally and organically grown.  Preparing and cooking your meals with the produce you will receive from us is healthier because you know what ingredients you will be adding into your meals.  It’s also more nutritious as the produce are harvested at its peak the same day that you will receive your CSA shares.  You will definitely be changing your eating habits a forkful at a time if you’re getting our weekly bounty thru our CSA Program.

We have different pick-up locations across Long Island and we are constantly adding more.  Please visit our website for more details or click here to join our CSA

Spread the word!

If you already signed-up to our CSA Program this year, please spread the word.  Please like, follow and share our social media sites (links below).  Please contact us If you would like to host a CSA site in your neighborhood, office, church, or community.