November Newsletter


It’s the middle of November and we had our first major frost last night.  It’s crazy how we went from (probably) just a month of Fall weather and dove right into winter chills.  We harvested a couple of greens the morning of the anticipated frosty night to save and store for the upcoming weekend Market.  But there were still a lot out in the field that was left behind.  The Kale were going strong, the Brussel Sprouts are continuously growing, and we’re hoping the Spinach and very few Broccoli Rabe might bounce back in a few days.

We did harvest our first batch of Brussel Sprouts this weekend.  Debating whether to take them off the stalks or not, but it was just too cold outside to do the work so we hope you didn’t mind.  As we trim the leaves off the stalk, I realized how it looks similar to baby collards and wondered if it’s edible.  Brought some of the top leaves home and asked Mr. Google… lo and behold it is edible! So I got my knife and board out, and started trimming the greens off the ribs.  Sliced it thin like ribbons, wash it a couple of times in cold water and started pre-heating my pan.  I crushed our Spanish Roja Garlic in a bang with the back of my knife and browned it in EVOO.  I tossed the ribbons of Brussel Sprouts leaves in and amazed as how it cooks so easily like a Spinach but hardier though more tender than a kale was.  Then the moment I’ve been waiting for came, I would like to see what it tastes like…  it was delicious!!! Slightly sweet and nutty taste and very tender!  I supposed the bigger leaves would probably be more like Collard Greens.  I have read a blog that it’s good sautéed in some sort of ham, but we can all agree that anything with ham and garlic is always good.   But a simple garlic will just suffice.  You can also use it in soups.  A little more research and I found that it has the same nutrition as the Brussel Sprouts itself.   I guess we found a new veggie to love!


Our Summer CSA Season has ended and even if we still have a few varieties of vegetables growing in the field and have some in storage, instead of a Fall CSA we opted to offer our ONLINE MARKET besides coming to the remaining weeks of Farmer’s Market.  Our harvest list changes depending on availability.  So we suggest you check our website first.  You can pick up the fresh vegetables from our farm in Calverton whenever it is convenient for you.  Just something to consider specially with the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.    Click here for more information.


To all our 2017 CSA Members, thank you for all the positive messages that you have sent to us throughout the whole season.  It’s definitely very motivational.   We are so glad how our CSA Program has introduced you to new varieties, and have motivated you to eat more vegetables and eat what’s in season.  We appreciate that you were able to taste the difference of a real fresh, organic vegetable.  We will be in touch before the year ends with regards to next year’s CSA Program and we do hope that you will belong to our farm again.  Thank you for your support!

October Newsletter


We’re at the end of our Summer 2017 CSA Program.   It was a bit hectic these last few weeks of CSA harvest, some heat and cold spells, very dry and very wet days.  But this is not the end…. 


This end of 2017 season, instead of joining (and providing) a Fall CSA, we are opening our ONLINE MARKET for you to pick and choose which fresh, certified organic produce you would like to get each week based on your meal plans for the week. 

The list will be constantly updated depending on what is available for harvest.  Choose your vegetable and send your orders in!  Orders will be ready for pick-up on your desired day that is convenient for you. 

Our Online Market will be open until we have fresh vegetables to harvest!  This is a great way to still keep eating in season, fresh, local, and organic!  This is also perfect for those who can’t get to our participating Farmer’s Market.  Our current 2017 CSA Members gets their usual 10% discount on all orders!


We are still at some of the on-going Farmer's Market until before Thanksgiving!  You heard that right!  We have a couple more weeks where you can come see us at our participating Farmer's Markets every weekend.  

2018 CSA Season

Stay tuned for our 2018 CSA Application opening!  2017 CSA Members will be automatically renewed, just let us know otherwise so we can have a spot open for the next CSA applicant on our list.  For questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The USDA National Organic Standards Board will vote on the inclusion or prohibition of hydroponics in organic in November. We need YOUR VOICE to let them know how important soil is to organic. Please go to to learn more.  Show your support either by signing the petition online or spread the word by download the image to take a selfie to share to social media.  Just tag us @naturalearthfarms and use hashtags:


Remember:  It’s NOT ORGANIC unless it’s CERTIFIED ORGANIC!  Check out NOFA-NY lists of Certified Organic Farms to make sure you are really getting Certified Organic Produce.

September Newsletter


I know for most, summer ended after Labor Day weekend and when kids went back to school. But today is the official last day of the Summer Season.  With few hours left till we wake up to Autumn, here we are catching up to update you on what's happening.  Our days might sound monotonous with (almost) the same things happening everyday but it's a daily routine that we tackle each and every day.  

Thankful for hurricane Jose not coming too close to our island and sparing us from any damages that it might have caused.  Although It was a bit of a challenge harvesting during the wind and rain, we were able to do it.  It did put us a little bit behind on our last plantings and seedlings.  We tried to hold off every time the forecast says rain is coming as we are afraid that the seeds will get washed off or the transplants will just drown.  And waiting it out till the rain stopped just meant that the field is too wet for our tractor to go in to help us with planting and doing it manually will just sink us in to mud.  

On a good note, even if the unofficial end of summer came, this is the best time of the year when we start seeing the fall produce come and still have the summer produce available. 

September is National Organic Harvest Month

Let's celebrate!  Going organic is a choice.  And if you are eating organic food and supporting organic agriculture, you already made a good choice!  This is the best time to discover the benefits of going organic, be it for yourself, for your family or for the planet we live in.  "Organic. It's worth it!"