Please complete the form below to renew your Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program membership for next season. Discount deals applies to $500/$550 membership fee during the duration of the promotion as noted.

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By filling up and submitting this form I agree to join the Natural Earth Farms' 2020 CSA Program. I understand the Natural Earth Farms’ CSA Information. I understand that my membership entitles me to a weekly share of produce provided by Natural Earth Farms. The weekly share of Certified Organic produce will be provided for the duration indicated. I agree to the conditions of the program that the farming and crop production has some risks associated with it like weather, disease, and insect problems. I am responsible for picking up my share directly from the assigned location at a designated schedule. I agree to pay the membership fee in cash or check as indicated on the payment terms. I understand that all payments for this CSA Membership is non-refundable.

You will receive an email shortly to confirm your membership renewal with details on how to send and the terms of your payments.

*Early bird renewal discount is applicable to CSA Membership Fee of $500. There is an additional $50 delivery fee for CSA sites more than 10 miles from our farm. Discount applies if membership is renewed no later than the date stated together with $100 deposit remitted no later than the date stated on the terms. Renewal Discount applies to current CSA Members only.  Non-transferrable, non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.  Renewal Discount applies only to regular CSA Membership Fee.  Renewal Discount expires on date mentioned.  $100 deposit required as stated on payment terms.

Thank you for your continuous support!